This is the message portal of Bihar Public Scxhool,Siwan.It contains all the messages for the students/guardian from the higher authorities desk.

Admission is going on for the session-2022-23 from Pre KG to 9th Class. For more details Contact in School Office. (9525613108, 8102136156)

Bihar Public School,Siwan Vision


We believe in the development of child’s personality in totality with an assumption that every child is a diamond. We have only to chisel him/her out so that he /she can glitter as diamond.

Bihar Public School,Siwan Motto


Our endeavour would be to foster the sense of fraternity, brotherhood, comradeship and character building among the students for all-around development of their personality.

Bihar Public School,Siwan Mission


Our plan is to provide a healthy academic atmosphere where the students could learn to live in social harmony, lead just an honorable life and could develop the sense of national integration.